1. Activism will only succeed when it remembers that history is in good hands.

2 We must not overestimate the calamities of our age. A misplaced rigorism is less dangerous than an improper liberalism.

3. This sin of the Muslim world: menefregismo.

4. In senescence, religions have two possibilities: Alzheimers (the amnesiac option of the secular elites) and manic-depressive (the false Salafism).

5. Aid for ‘moderate’ Middle Eastern regimes is meals on wheels, because it does not expect to rejuvenate.

6. Postmodernism is Jahiliyya. Each tribe has its own story.

7. The modern West shows that without a Shari‘a there can only be scattered hunafa’.

8. ‘There is no God at all, and Atatürk is His prophet.’

9. The Umma without its Law is like a man without his Prayer.

10. The East is content without form; the West is form without content.

11. It is as fallacious to assert that Islam is unsuited to the age as it is to believe that the age is suited to Islam.

12. Modern India: we are called to put the rahma back into Brahman.

13. Which came first: intolerant preaching or its subject-matter?

14. Whether God can forgive Europe is perhaps the greatest problem of theodicy.

15. Islamic modernism: a danse macabre flirting with the spiritual death of the Enlightenment.

16. Have we become like the Incredible Hulk, ineffectual until provoked?

17. The radicals are announcing only one thing: ‘Attention! This vehicle is reversing!’

18. Wahhabism: the war on polychromy. (Vermeer: the perfect Protestant.)

19. Followers of Antichrist see with only one eye, whose name is Zahir or Batin.

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