Sh. Muhammad Mendes

Sh. Mendes ​currently ​​serves as Founding Director of SacredService, Lead Arabic ​Instructor for Fawakih Institute, and as a Lecturer at Madina Institute. Along with specializing in Arabic​, ​Sh. Mendes​ has ​been trained for decades in the classical Islamic sciences by​ notable scholars. In addition to​ ​establishing​ the Annual Rawdah in 2003 ​he​ has focused​ ​on translating and teaching rare Arabic manuscripts concerning theology, jurisprudence, ethics, spirituality, ​medicine, ​and metaphysics. Sh. Mendes​ teaches Islam rooted in its classical ​and intuitive​ tradition​s​,​​ ​positively ​engaged with modernity, and ​appreciative​ of human diversity.