Song Books

Muslim Songs of the British Isles

This collection of classics from the golden age of British Muslim song includes solo pieces, duets, rounds, and part-songs. Schools, student choirs, families, wedding entertainers, and many others will find this anthology a unique and invaluable resource.


A collection of Traditional Turkish odes curated and translated by the renowned academic and Islamic expert Abdul Hakim Murad a.k.a T.J. Winter.

Gleams from the Rawdat al-Shuhada

In these litanies and songs the great Muharram commemoration of Husayn Vaiz Kashifi, the poet of Herat (Afghanistan) lives again, with soulful Celtic melodies and unique English, Arabic and Farsi lyrics.Learn of the sorrows of the Prophetic House, and the greatness of their allies and true followers, be humbled and turn to Allah for His help and forgiveness always.


Al-Hamdiyya by Abdal Hakim Murad

This unique litany of songs and adhkar focuses on the praise of God. Lyrics are in English, Arabic and Turkish, set to familiar Scottish and Irish tunes. Easy to sing and ideal for gatherings and weddings, this is a classic in the making.